Hello, I'm Ashish Dubey

I'm a full-stack software engineer from India.

Currently I work with the engineering team at Grofers, focusing on continuous delivery and developer experience in a cloud-native environment. Earlier, I worked with the web dev team for full-stack product engineering revolving around Grofers.com. Before that I've worked with the infrastructure team, helping teams scale their applications on AWS.

In 2014, I joined BrowserStack after I graduated from college, where I worked as a software engineer on the mobile device cloud team. As part of this team, I worked on the platform that'd allow our users to test their websites on real mobile devices by interacting with them within a web browser.

Throughout my encounters with programming, audio, and music related applications have held a special spot. Recently, I've become more active in exploring the intersection of technology and music especially through WebAudio.

Sometimes I write about my personal projects and other topics that I'm interested in. You can read those on my blog.

You can also find me on GitHub, Twitter and LinkedIn

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