About Me

I'm Ashish. I love the internet and building stuff for it.

Currently, I'm part of the engineering team at Grofers. In past, I've worked at BrowserStack and briefly at Mozilla as an intern.

Get in touch with me if you have something to say. You can email me directly ashish.dubey91@gmail.com. I tweet occassionaly as @dash1291. I also have a GitHub profile, incase you want to checkout the mix of useful and useless hacks I've put together.

Sometimes I roam around with my camera to see places I read about in geography books as a kid. You can find some of the pictures I've taken on 500px and Flickr.

About this site

This is a static HTML website generated from Markdown text using a script written in Python. It uses Jinja2 for rendering HTML templates into static content. You can checkout the source here.